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Decorative rock

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You'll start your building project off right with crushed limestone from Loftin Trucking & Materials LLC. We've been selling quality products for over 40 years.

Find beautiful river rocks here or special order other types of decorative rocks. Ask for our fast delivery service.

If you have concrete, asphalt, rock, or fill dirt left over after the completion of your project, bring it to our dump site or ask about our haul off service.

Crushed limestone

Crushed Limestone Dump-site Decorative Rock

Rock, Sand, Gravel

Loftin Trucking & Materials, LLC is a leading provider of construction materials in Austin, TX, San Marcos, TX and the surrounding areas, offering exceptional quality rock, gravel, crushed limestone, sand and more for your landscaping or construction needs. Our skilled team has the experience and knowledge to deliver exactly what you need to ensure your project is a success. We will help you get just the right supplies for your landscape and garden projects. From loam and decorative rock to speciality mixes for your flowers and garden, find out what we can do for you today!


We will deliver any material you need as well as haul off services for contractors. From gravel to decorative rock, masonry sand, concrete sand, gardening dirt, fill dirt and more, we have your needs fully covered. Give your lawn and landscape a lift with quality materials offered by Loftin.


Fast, Courteous & Professional


When you choose Loftin, you will get fast, courteous and professional services from our highly-knowledgeable team. We offer professional debris removal for any residential or commercial construction project. When you have leftover materials, you can rest assured knowing that we will safely and responsibly dispose of it at our dump site. With trucks of all sizes, we can provide the quick and efficient haul off services you need.


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Contact us at 512-385-7109 to give your landscape the look it deserves, and to contact our contractors to haul in or haul off any material!

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